Per Hedén

Per Hedén is an Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery at the Karolinska University. After initiating his plastic surgery training 1978 in Stockholm, he was a driving force for establishing microsurgery in the region, and he still has a devoted interest for repair of facial palsy.

Seongsoo Park

Dr. Seong soo Park is a doctor who combines craftsmanship and artistry as a plastic surgery specialist who emphasizes "details".

He has developed a "hybrid concept" that enhances patient satisfaction through the fusion of cosmetic surgery techniques.

He focuses on cosmetic breast surgery and breast reconstruction as well as on regenerative medicine and anti-aging medicine using stem cells.

In Korea, he was awarded the "Breast-related Brand Preference Prize", the “Korean Health Industry Grand Prize", and the "Minister of Gender Equality and Family Prize”

Liang Qiao

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